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Crohn's disease in ileum



Crohn's disease

30-year-old male. He was operated on because of subileus. The coecum and the ileum was resected. The wall of the ileum was thickened, and strongly attached to the surrounding tissues. On the mucosa linear clefts and fissures were seen. Slide: ileum.

The lumen of the ileum is significantly narrowed, showing ulceration in many areas, with PMN-cells, detritus, and distended capillaries. The wall is loose, edematic, connective tissue growth is remarkable. Numerous non-necrotizing granulomas appear both in the wall and in the subserosal fat-tissue. Epitheloid-, and giant cells are prominent. Early fissuring ulcers extend into the submucosa.

Created date: 2005-11-18

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