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Residents Special - Case 8


A 33-year old man came to the hospital for a resistance on the lateral edge of the left knee-cap with progressive pain developing within the last six months.  There was no history of injury or overload. CT scan showed a formation (57x45x27mm) lateral to the patella containing calcifications. The tumor had the same density as the patellar cartilage and was probably not connected to the bone. Two other lesions (6x12mm and 25x22mm) were described in the popliteal fossa (suspicious for metastatic lymphadenopathy). A palpable, enlarged, solid inguinal lymph node (25 x35 mm) was subsequently discovered. Extirpation of the tumor was performed.

Macroscopically it was a well-demarcated, partially nodular 60x40x25mm tumor with whitish color.


Created date: 2014-04-15

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Case 8 - Tomas Rozkos

Scan date: 2014-04-22 15:09:36

Organ: n/a

Staining: Hematoxylin-eosin

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