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Gastrointestinal Pathology - Case 5


A 54-year old male patient was admitted to hospital on October 2012 for abdominal pain. Pain was located under right costal arch, was irradiating to back, and started six days ago. On physical examination, subicterus was observed. Ultrasound and multi-slice CT-scan of abdomen revealed infiltrative tumor located in pancreatic head, measuring 4-5 cm in diameter, while in anterior part of pancreatic head an additional cystic tumor was found, measuring 2 cm in diameter. The patient underwent surgical treatment on November 2012. Distal gastrectomy with pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure) was performed. Hepato-duodenal lymph nodes were also removed. Patient died due to tumor dissemination on October 2013 despite chemotherapy.

Macroscopy: In pancreatic head, a whitish, firm, infiltrative tumor measuring 5 cm was found. In close vicinity, in peri-ampullar region, in submucosis, in duodenal wall and partially in the head of pancreas, an additional tumor measuring 1.8 cm was found. This tumor was soft, yellowish and well circumscribed. This tumor is composed of three type of cells: epitheloid cell nests, areas of spindle cells and scattered ganglion cells.


Created date: 2014-04-14

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Case 5 - Slavko Gasparov

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