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Case 1. - Dr. Thomas DECKER

Description: 62 years old lady Medical history: Mammography: 10 mm group of granular and pleomorphic microcalcifications, left breast, upper outer quadrant (10:00). Sonography: no mass lesion. One week ago: Vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) for assessment. Result: "B3 lesion" (microcalcifications completely removed) Recommendation of the multidisciplinary team conference after the VAB result: Indication for diagnostic excision of the tissue and the area surrounding the biopsy target. Macroscopy: Diagnostic excision specimen (right breast, upper outer quadrant): Mamillary-peripheral 35 mm, cranial-caudal 35 mm, ventral-dorsal 40 mm. Central wire marking. Dissection of tissue slices from mammillary to peripheral Biopsy cavity in 4th and 5th slice Clip marking in slice 5.

Created date: 2021-05-11

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