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You can request consultation about your cases from the members of the PathoNet community, using this link: +Add teleconsultation

Consultation is only available if you have associated at least one case with a slide.

Create Teleconsultation

1) Create a new teleconsultation session

   Method 1.

      Click “Create new teleconsultation” in the “Slide services” menu

   Method 2.

      If you are browsing slides, click “+ Teleconsultation” under the slide you want to discuss, then click ”New teleconsultation”

2) Give a title to the Teleconsultation and add participants

3) Select date and time or click “Now” for current day

4) Choose expiration date

5) Click “Save” (Notification(s) will appear at the user page(s) of the consultant(s).)

6) To start session, select the teleconsultation in the list, expand it by clicking on its row, and click “Start teleconsultation”

The CaseViewer opens and you can use the chat feature also for your teleconsultation. You can exchange messages with the consultant both in online and offline consultation in the Add comment field and clicking the Post comment button.